Creating a website for distributor listing and product showcase

Introducing 95 Patel Bidi, where every draw is a masterpiece crafted by skilled hands, using 100% natural ingredients for an authentic and pure smoking experience. Our commitment to excellence extends to the luxurious embrace of premium packaging, ensuring that each bidi is not just a smoke but a sensory journey. 

The challenge

Crafting an Irresistible Web Portal for India Bidi Works! Join us on a journey to showcase the essence of tradition and craftsmanship. With every click, immerse yourself in the rich heritage and exquisite flavors of our products.


Our Objective is to Create an Irresistible Web Portal for India Bidi Works, Where Tradition Meets Innovation. We Aim to Showcase Our Products in a Captivating Manner, Highlighting the Rich Heritage and Exquisite Flavors. With Proper Placement of CTAs Throughout the Website, We’ll Guide Visitors on an Engaging Journey, Encouraging Interaction and Conversion at Every Step.

The strategy

Our Strategy is to Build an Engaging Web Portal for India Bidi Works, Seamlessly Intertwining Tradition and Innovation. Through Stunning Visuals and Compelling Content, We’ll Showcase Our Products to Perfection. With Proper Placement of CTAs Throughout the Website, We’ll Guide Visitors Towards Action, Making it Effortless for Potential Distributors to Connect and Initiate Formalities.

Brand identity overhaul

We developed a new visual language that resonated with modern audiences while honoring the core values

Content rejuvenation

Reimagining their content strategy, we focused on creating compelling, relevant content that spoke directly to the brand’s diverse audience segments.

Influencer collaborations

Partnering with key influencers, we amplified Flash Corp’s new messaging, reaching wider and more engaged audiences.

Codviki isn't just a development agency; they're our partners in growth. For the past 7 years, their expertise has transformed our production house portfolio website into a masterpiece. With every question, they've had the perfect answer, offering cost-effective and productive strategies that have propelled our business forward. Their addition of Google My Business management as a complimentary service demonstrates their dedication to our success. Codviki isn't just a choice; they're the only choice for us.

Prashant Agarwal

Marketing Head @ India Bidi Works

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